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Membership prices has increased to help the Hyland through post covid loans and price increases.  You will still receive $4.00 off  the cost of a ticket to regular film screenings.. Special and one-time events don't qualify for discounts. 

We are also adding a special free screening for members! Signup for the newsletter to keep up on our screenings. 


Hyland Cinema memberships are valid for 12 months from the month of purchase. (If you purchase in Jan. 10 ,2024, it is valid to the same date Jan. 10, 2025)

We will stamp the date on your card from the date you first attend. 

Present card at the box office every time, otherwise you will not obtain the member’s discount.

You will receive one membership card and an information sheet. Please fill out your info. Bring both back when you come to see your first show and we'll activate your start date and update your information.